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Road Force wheel balancing is more accurate and reliable compared to static and dynamic balancing. The Hunter Road Force machine emulates road conditions by applying a roller with 1,200 pounds of pressure to the tire. The computer and sensors in the machine detect and measure road force (or variation). Tires with excessive road force may cause a vibration or pulling issue. We can use Match Mounting, Bead Massage and wheel repositioning to reduce or eliminate these issues. 

Match Mounting
High variation in tires are most frequently due to wheel runout, uneven tread, or sidewall stiffness. Runout is when a tire or rim is out of round when rolling; frequent causes are a bent rim or uneven tire wear. Variation can be corrected by aligning the high point or stiff spot in the tire with the lowest spot in the rim. This will make the wheel “round when rolling.” This procedure is called Match Mounting and solves most vibration problems. Tires and rims with extreme runout or road force variation often cannot be matched and must be replaced to solve vibration problems.

Wheel Force Variation
Wheel Force Variation

Bead Massage
During bead massage, rollers apply force to the tire walls, assisting proper bead seating and reducing vibration concerns. When combined with Match Mounting, virtually all vibrations can be eliminated.

Wheel Repositioning
If the tire and wheel assembly can not be corrected with Match Mounting or Bead Massage, we can then reposition higher variation wheel assemblies in less sensitive areas (rear of vehicle). This will reduce the vibration felt by the driver and passengers.