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Suspension Repair

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Suspension Repair in Scarborough, Ontario

Your Trusted Source for Suspension Care

Some systems in vehicles work so well that we forget they’re there. This is true of your suspension system, at least until something goes wrong. Maintaining your vehicle with service from Level Auto ensures the kind of smooth and serene ride you deserve, so let’s take a closer look at how that happens. The suspension system helps maximize the friction between the road and the tires to provide stable steering and optimal handling. It also aids in supporting the weight of your vehicle and prolongs the life of your wheels, tires, and brakes. Multiple components, including the springs, shocks, and struts, make up the system. Additional parts consist of sway bars, links, control arms, ball joints, arm bushings, and bearings. Each plays a crucial role. For example, the shocks help limit bounce, struts support the vehicle’s weight, and anti-sway bars control lateral movement, especially when taking a turn. Here at Level Auto in Scarborough, Ontario, we are well-versed in the suspension system and are capable of performing all types of suspension repair services.

Common Suspension Problems

Unfortunately, many different things can happen with a car’s suspension. There are some signs to look out for that may warrant suspension repair. They include a drive that feels rough and bouncy, drifting when you turn, “nose-diving” when you press down on the brake pedal, and sagging to one corner of the vehicle. When it comes to suspension problems, many of them stem from worn parts, leaks, loose connections, or broken components. For example, the shocks and struts especially are prone to wear and will need to be replaced, springs can get damaged, and bushings can wear.



Inspection of the following items:

  • Front struts and coil springs
  • Front lower and upper ball joints
  • Front inner and outer tie rods
  • Front control arm bushings
  • Front stabilizer bar links
  • Front stabilizer bushings

Factory warranty approved

Performed by a licensed technician

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