Having a wheel alignment performed yearly will reduce premature tire wear, improve fuel economy, decrease wear and tear on components, and enhance your driving experience.

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For more than a decade, Level Auto has serviced customers in Scarborough, Ontario, surrounding neighborhoods, providing top-quality car care for all makes and models. Our auto repair shop offers everything our customers need: maintenance, inspection, diagnostics, and repair, all provided by friendly, experienced professionals. Think of us as a personal support system for all your automotive needs. In addition to our wide range of auto repair and maintenance services, we address questions, offer tips, and ensure your ownership experience is a safe one. For drivers seeking a long-term relationship with an auto shop that earns your business every time you visit, we invite you to visit soon. We are experts in our craft and committed to keeping your vehicle in optimal condition, whether it needs a simple oil change or a more complex procedure.


We love what we do and take pride in delivering quality and honest service to our customers


Our facility has been outfitted with the latest equipment to repair all makes and models


Our licensed technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right


We have access to a wide variety of original and aftermarket parts to meet any budget

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Your car's engine can use more than 10,000 gallons of air for every gallon of fuel burned, so it's easy to see how big a job the air filter has. Does your air filter need to be replaced?

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In the winter months, you may be able to get away with changing your air filter every few months. Changing the filter in summer, however, should definitely be a regular monthly event. It will help protect you and your passengers from contaminants in the air. We can help—Schedule here ➡️

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Cool wind in my hair… 🎶

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If there is steam coming out from under the car's hood, Consumer Reports advises that you should not attempt to lift the hood, adding that it typically takes at least 30 minutes for a hot engine to cool down!

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Is your vehicle losing oil? There are two possibilities as to why. Either your vehicle's engine is burning oil or you have a leak. You could have leaky rings or a worn seal. Don't wait until it gets worse. Schedule a repair with us.

Schedule a service appointment ➡️

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Roadtrip idea 🗣️ Check out the infamous old car city which is littered with many of America's favorite classic muscle cars. Check out some of the cars here ➡️

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This engine might be a little too big for this Crown Vic. What's the craziest mod you have done to your car? Comment below ⬇️

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In addition to checking the level of coolant fluid in your car, go the extra mile and inspect the state of the hoses and the coolant reservoir. Keep an eye out for leaks, especially at joints and connection points, such as where a hose connects to the engine block. Also, squeeze the hoses (when the engine is cool) every once in a while to make sure they feel firm and not excessively squishy or soft.

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Hail is most common in mid-latitudes during early summer. If your vehicle has fallen victim to a hail storm, it's essential to schedule a repair as soon as possible. Let us take a look at your damage and evaluate your options. We can give you a quick estimate on the repairs!

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And I thought we loved cars 😅 Did you know that one man has a collection of about 30,000 toy cars?

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And we will be with you every step of the way! 😂

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Carbon monoxide from your car's exhaust is odorless, colorless—and lethal. If you have any suspicions of a leak, have us check it out at once. Safety comes first!

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Carburetors are a mystery for many people. Here’s the cliff notes version: they help your car run by mixing fuel and air together. If your car is running rough, it might be time to have your carburetor cleaned or replaced. Schedule a service appointment ➡️

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A few cooling system warning signs are 1) A sweet smell coming from your vehicle 2) Poor gas mileage or 3) Your coolant light comes on. Schedule your appointment with us if you're seeing any of these warning signs in your car.

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It is important to check your car fluid levels regularly, especially before long trips. Low levels can cause your car to overheat, so it's important to top them off before you hit the open road. Let us help: Schedule a service appointment ➡️

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Would you rather… Drive an automatic or a manual car? Comment below ⬇️

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Knowing how to jumpstart a car can be a lifesaver. If you've never learned or need a refresher, learn how to jumpstart a car here:

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Did you know your vehicle has a thermostat that regulates the engine's temperature? If it goes bad your engine can overheat quickly. If you think there's a problem don't wait to get your vehicle checked. Call us today.

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