Having a wheel alignment performed yearly will reduce premature tire wear, improve fuel economy, decrease wear and tear on components, and enhance your driving experience.

Auto Repair in Scarborough, Ontario

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For more than a decade, Level Auto has serviced customers in Scarborough, Ontario, surrounding neighborhoods, providing top-quality car care for all makes and models. Our auto repair shop offers everything our customers need: maintenance, inspection, diagnostics, and repair, all provided by friendly, experienced professionals. Think of us as a personal support system for all your automotive needs. In addition to our wide range of auto repair and maintenance services, we address questions, offer tips, and ensure your ownership experience is a safe one. For drivers seeking a long-term relationship with an auto shop that earns your business every time you visit, we invite you to visit soon. We are experts in our craft and committed to keeping your vehicle in optimal condition, whether it needs a simple oil change or a more complex procedure.


We love what we do and take pride in delivering quality and honest service to our customers


Our facility has been outfitted with the latest equipment to repair all makes and models


Our licensed technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right


We have access to a wide variety of original and aftermarket parts to meet any budget

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Need tires, installation or balancing? The most state of the art balancing available. Delivers an ultra-smooth ride. Shop from 1000's of tires.

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Aftermarket camber adjustments. The ideal way to adjust a lowered vechicles camber. Anyone see an issue here ?

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Planning to travel? Be sure and get your car serviced ahead of time.

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I think we have all been here before. 🤭🤦🏽‍♂️

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Keep safe on the road, see our online tire shop for rim and tire packages. We have some awesome rebates and tire specails.

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I need an oil change! 🚙

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Always make sure your tire pressure is at the recommended level and keep your tires rotated for optimal wear.

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Do you know what to look for if you need an auto repair shop? It's important to find a shop with certified, professional techs whom you can trust. The ASE is the largest governing body in the US for mechanics, and most reputable shops employ ASE-certified mechanics. Also, look for shops that use OEM parts made by the manufacturer.

Schedule a service appointment ➡️

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Be sure to check your tires and fluids regularly so you don’t find yourself out alone at night with a broken-down car. We can service all your car needs.

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Which color do you prefer?

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#ProTip – When checking your tire pressure, check it before you drive or at least 3 hours after you've driven to get a proper reading.

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If your car is stalling, it could be a number of problems. Bring it into our shop and we'll take a look! Schedule here ➡️

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When gas prices rise, you can find different ways to conserve your fuel. Start with these tips from AAA ➡️

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Pretty inspiring! What's your dream car? Comment below ⬇️

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Oh no—someone hit your parked car! The first thing you should do is call the police so they can investigate and create an accident report. Then document the accident and call your insurance company!

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The average American eats 1 in 5 meals in their car. How often do you eat on the go?

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If you could add any feature to your car, no matter how crazy it sounds, what would you add??? Comment below ⬇️

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Even if something isn't wrong with your vehicle, it's good to schedule regular inspections to make sure there aren't any underlying issues. Schedule today!

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If your car's cruise control isn't working, it may need a new control unit. Bring your car to our shop and we'll take a look! Schedule a service appointment ➡️

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