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Brake Repair

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Brake Repair in Scarborough, Ontario

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There’s no substitute for safe driving and healthy brakes, but how do you know if your brakes are still in good condition? Fortunately, a car’s brake system will often show a few different signs that something is not quite right. One of the most obvious warrants of brake repair is the brake light coming on in your dashboard. When this happens, we encourage prompt action and bring it to our auto shop for an inspection. Many other symptoms can be recognized as you press down on the brake pedal, such as a squealing or squeaking noise, grinding, a vibration, or a wobbling sensation. If the brake pedal itself feels strange, like if you have to press down further to come to a stop or if it has a “spongy” sensation to it, it’s time to come in. Your car may also pull to one side as you brake if there is a problem. If there is a leak, you’ll notice a light yellow or brown puddle of fluid beneath your vehicle. Heed the warnings of brake trouble and scheduled an appointment with our brake repair experts at your earliest convenience!

Common Brake Problems

As drivers, we know that things can change in an instant on the road. A sudden collision ahead, another driver who cut you off, a rogue piece of road debris… the list goes on, but one thing is for sure: good brakes are essential. As an integral part of everyday driving, it’s important to care for your brake system. Unfortunately, the brake system can run into its fair share of problems like many other car systems. Common issues include:

  • worn brake pads
  • jagged or warped rotors
  • a fluid leak in the brake lines or master cylinder,
  • a defective caliper
  • air in the brake lines


Front & Rear Brake Packages

With every brake replacement our licensed technicians will perform our premium service and lubrication. Prices may vary depending on vehicle and requirements.

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