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Tire Balancing

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Tire Balancing in Scarborough, Ontario

Professional Force Matching Tire Balance Service

Your tires are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle, and they must be in the proper placement for optimal performance. Tire maintenance is, of course, invaluable, but one service you may not be familiar with is tire balancing. This service targets both the wheels and tires, and it ensures the weight of the tire and wheel assembly are balanced correctly for seamless travel. The main goal of balancing your tires is to eliminate any vibration caused by an imbalance between the tires and wheels. Keep in mind that this service does not substitute for other tire services, such as rotations or wheel alignment, each of which helps tires in unique ways. When it comes to tire balancing service, it’s important to bring your car to an auto shop properly equipped to conduct it. In Scarborough, Ontario, Level Auto is that auto shop. We utilize a state-of-the-art machine and adhere to an intricate process to safely and effectively balance your tires. Visit us soon at [location_link].

When Do You Need Your Tires Balanced?

Tire balancing is needed when one side of a wheel is lighter or heavier than another. When this occurs, you will experience a vibration as it rotates. You may feel a vibration from the steering wheel at certain speeds or a general vibration. If your wheels are imbalanced, your tires may exhibit scalloped or cupped wear on the surface. At our auto shop, we are proactive. If you replace your tires with us, we will also balance your tires as part of the installation process. Tires naturally wear over time, and imbalance can happen at any time because of this. We will also check on the tire and wheel balance when you come in for a tire rotation or swapping your winter/summer tires.


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