Windshield Replacement

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Windshield Repair

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The windshield is an extremely vital component of your car. It protects from debris, dust, flying pebbles, and weather elements such as rain, wind, etc. It’s obvious the windshield provides the driver and passengers with a clear sight of vision to operate the vehicle appropriately, but it has is very important safety functions as well.

What is a windshield made out of?

Your windshield needs a type of auto glass that is tougher and stronger than ordinary glass as the windshield is the most accident-prone amongst all the car glass. This is why laminated glass is used in the manufacture of windshields. Laminated glass has a special PVB interlayer in between two sheets or panes of tempered glass. This multi-layered laminated glass provides exceptional resistance to harsh impact.

On the rare occasion of breakage, it doesn’t shatter but remains intact. The PVB interlayer acts as a glue and keeps the glass layers together. This characteristic further adds another layer of safety for the passengers. The interlayer in laminated glass has a UV filter that helps to protect the interior of the car from harmful UV rays.


Windshield Replacement

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