Road Force Wheel Balancing

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Road Force Wheel Balance in Scarborough, ON

Wheel Balancing at Level Auto

Why Do We Balance Wheels

Wheel balance refers to the condition in which a tire and wheel turn, their combined weight being evenly spread. An out-of-balance tire-wheel assembly produces wobbling of the wheels, or shimmying, vibrations in the seat, floor or steering column. These vibrations can shake the vehicle to the extent that parts come loose and get damaged. Improper balance also results in premature wear of the tires, increases fuel consumption and directly affects the vehicle’s handling. It can furthermore cause damage to the vehicle’s suspension besides unnecessary fatigue for the driver.


Road Force Wheel Balance Starting From

*Additional charge to perform Force Matching®
*Additional charges for truck/cargo van wheels

Tire pressure check performed

Printed Road Force report provided

Performed by a licensed technician

Road Force balance all four wheels

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Types of Wheel Balancing

Static Wheel Balance


Static wheel balancing uses a single weight plane and only addresses “up-and-down” imbalance. This is simply not adequate for today’s wheel vibration sensitive vehicles.

Dynamic Wheel Balance


Dynamic wheel balancing uses two weight planes. This eliminates “up-and-down” and “side-to-side” imbalance. This type of wheel balancing can’t detect wheel force variation.

Road Force Wheel Balance


Road Force wheel balancing is more accurate and reliable compared to older static and dynamic methods. This machine applies 1,200 pounds of pressure to the tire. This simulates the vehicle rolling down the road. The computer and sensors in the machine detect variation in the tread.