Are Tire Rotations Important?

A set of tires that has a recommended life span all comes down to maintenance of the tire. Tire inflation and proper rotation can give you years of service and safe driving. Tires perform their best when the thread of the tire wears equally. A tire that has not been rotated regularly can affect the vehicle’s stability and control. Ask your mechanic next time you’re in for service for a full tire report. This will indicate tire pressure, tire tread measurements, unusual wear that might be present. Knowing more information about the tire will help you better place the tire on the vehicle.

Most tire manufacturers recommend that tires be rotated every 10,000km. The rotation of the tires depends on the vehicle and also manufacturer recommendations.

Most manufacturers have now recommended placing the best tires in the front, there are situations where traction is required more in the rear but generally speaking a car needs to steer and brake with its front two wheels. If tires are constantly rotated it provides even wear to all four wheels of the vehicle. Some SUVs and Trucks do not need regular rotations as all four wheels turn at the same time, but in some cases based on alignment wear tires might require rotation. If the car does have extreme tire wear the tires in most cases will have to be replaced. Leaving tires that are extremely worn in the rear and putting new ties in the front is not good practice and is not recommended.

When we perform a tire rotation at Level Auto, we check all tire pressures and adjust to manufacture specification. We will also advise you if tires are ok and safe road use. Most tires have a wear indicator bar that indicates when the tire is at the end of its life and requires replacement.

We also torque all wheels to specification which is very important to future removal, wheel stud and fastener longevity and to prevent avoidable brake warpage. Upon inspection we generally look for any tires that could cause a potential issue, nails, abnormal wear and tear and any damage that can affect the normal function of the tire.

If your tires do not meet the safety limits our staff can provide you with a competitive quote and have access to different brands and options. Remember a properly rotated tire is a long last tire and can extend the life and unnecessary premature replacement. Reach out to us anytime at

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