Checking front end suspension before Alignment

Checking your suspension before performing an alignment is crucial. At level Auto we always do a complete inspection of the vehicle’s suspension system. Tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings, bushing, struts , etc, are always checked prior to performing an alignment. What would be the point of doing an alignment if there are loose parts in the front end suspension? Absolutely would be a waste of time and money. We offer the latest in 3D imaging alignment. Which is the most sophisticated alignment available on the market.

Checking the Front end suspension for many cars can be different depending on the application and vehicle. There are a few different types of design suspensions and each one could require a specific way to check it. We have decades of experience with all kinds of vehicles and suspension types. We have the know-how to make sure your suspension is tuned precisely for Ontario roads.


Upon receiving an alignment by one of our licensed technicians we will provide you with a print out. We will also provide a complete suspension inspection. Our trained service advisor will go through it with you and show you what adjustments were made. The print out will show the before and after specification. In some cases the adjustments might not be able to be made due to seized parts or seized bushings. This is typical of a car that has been driven in winter conditions where salt is used tends to corrode adjustment and seize parts that are needed for adjustment. In this case we recommend having the parts replaced. A bushing seized with the bolt will not allow the adjustment to move. In most situations when this happens customers are upset the alignment can not be done 100 percent. It is always a good idea to set the toe in these conditions to achieve best driveability until the repairs can be done.

A well checked and maintained suspension will give you a quality ride and good control over the road. Optimal tire life and good tire wear are also added benefits of having your wheel alignment completed. It is important to have your suspension checked on every oil change or visit that way you can attend to any worn parts before they affect your tires or safety of the vehicle. A Bad suspension can cause unwanted wander, crooked steering wheel, and overall an unpleasant feeling to drive.

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