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Here are 5 things every car owner needs to know

Written By: Mark D.

Written By: Mark D.

Master Licensed Technician with Over 25 Years of Experience

5 things every car owner needs to know

So you just got a new vehicle and along with that you have just graduated and achieved your driver license. Well congratulations, along with the privilege of diving there are a few things that all drivers should know. Its basic information, and knowing a few things will help you to be a better knowledgeable driver. Driving on Toronto roads is challenging even to the best drivers. Educate yourself on the vehicle you buy, read the owner’s manual. It is important to know the functionality of your car and what all the features are and how to use them. Nothing worse than being distracted and trying to figure out how things work when your attention is needed on the road ahead. Being safe should be your top priority.

Year, Make, Model, License plate number

Every car has a year, make and model and VIN number. It is the DNA of your vehicle. The information is important when looking for parts, or having your vehicle serviced.. Most garages, parking lots and other parking facilities might require this information, along with your License plate number. It is important to try to memorize this information as it can be valuable to know when required. You can find a few stickers on your driver’s inner door jam on most cars that will give you the month and year of production and even the tire size recommended by the manufacturer for that vehicle.


Prior to purchasing a vehicle it is a good idea to research on average what that car will cost you in maintenance a year. Researching this information will help determine if the car you are about to purchase will meet your budget. Nothing worse than buying a car and not being able to keep up with the car maintenance. A car requires service to be done at a specific time and mileage in order to work efficiently and prevent breakdowns. Delaying maintenance and repairs could lead to costlier part replacements due to the negligence of minor repairs earlier on.

Local garage

Get to know your local garage. Find a local garage that services all makes and models. It is important to find a garage that does more than just oil changes. Stay away from quick lube oil changers. They are unlicensed mechanics learning on your vehicle. It is important to find a garage that can service all your car requirements, building a good relationship where you can rely on them and trust your mechanic is key. Ask to see old worn parts and ask questions. You can get a good feel for a place based on the quality of service.

Type of gasoline

It is very important to know what type of gasoline your vehicle requires. If the vehicle requires a premium gas or regular is ok. Also knowing if your vehicle requires gasoline or diesel. These are simple information you can find either in your owner’s manual, also will be posted in the gas tank lid section, or you can call the manufacturer dealer and inquire to what is recommended.

Local roads and maps

Knowing the local roads around your area is crucial. You need to know where all your local services are. The local gas station, food spots and recreation centers. It is important to look over local maps and to look at google live maps in advance so it limits the distractions when on the road driving. Having a driving plan and a way to get there makes for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Knowing some of these tips will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re on the right track to car ownership. It will make you a happier and more focused driver. Knowing your vehicle and being less distracted will keep you safe and driving for years to come.


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