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MTO Safety Inspection Guide

Written By: Mark D.

Written By: Mark D.

Master Licensed Technician with Over 25 Years of Experience

What is a safety inspection?

vehicle safety inspectionA safety inspection is a system in Toronto that has been around for decades. Level Auto has been involved with the program for over 15 years. A licensed mechanic performs the inspection and issues a certificate to ensure the vehicle passes a specific amount of safety guideless in order for the vehicle to be registered in Ontario. The system overseen by the MTO uses the power of the government and local shops to provide an inspection. These inspections are required to meet a fit condition meaning a vehicle can operate on city roads and highways safely. It is a comprehensive check of the vehicles safety components.

When is a safety inspection required?

Most customers require a safety inspection in the event they have to do one of the following:

  1. Purchase a used vehicle in Ontario, if you buy a used vehicle the car requires a safety inspection. Some private owners may also sell a vehicle with a safety inspection.
  2. Insurance company might require a safety inspection in order to provide valid insurance coverage
  3. Buy back of lease, a dealership will require a safety inspection to transfer the vehicle ownership to the owner.
  4. Ride sharing – companies like uber and lyft ride sharing require a safety inspection every year to comply with regulations
  5. Out of province – Licensing your vehicle from out of the province will require a safety inspection.

Be aware that a safety inspection is only Valid 36 days from the day of inspection.

What is checked during a safety inspection?

What is checked during a safety inspectionThey safety inspection is broken down into different section as follows:

  • Powertrain
  •  Suspension
  • Brake system
  • Instruments and aux equipment
  • Lamps
  • Electrical system
  • Body
  • Tire and wheels
  • Coupling devices
  • Road test

The complete rules and regulations can be found on the MTO website, it outlines all the rules and regulations required for a pass on your vehicle.

What is the cost of a safety inspection?

At Level Auto a safety certification cost $120 plus tax. The inspection is conducted, and a certificate is issues upon completion of a pass. Also, a vehicle inspection report in now mandatory to be given to the customer. This report highlights important information and given customers measurements to all necessary items in the inspection. If the vehicle fails the safety inspection there will be recommended items that need to be repaired in order to pass. A repair estimate is provided to complete the required items to pass the inspection.

What if my car doesn't pass the inspection?

inspection fail passIf your vehicle does not pass the inspection the car results as a fail. The inspection amount is still paid as the inspection has been completed. If repairs are done at a different repair garage then the one it had the safety on, there could be an additional charge for reinspection. Don’t worry if your vehicle does not pass safety, we can suggest affordable parts and service to get you back on the road.

Don't perform a "no look" safety

don't perform a no look safetyShops still receive calls from customers asking if they could come get a safety without the vehicle being present. There was a time where some shady shops would issue safety certificates to customers without even looking at the vehicle. The MTO revoked licenses, fined and in certain cases jailed individuals who took this approach to cheating the system. A vehicle should be properly inspected, and you should be always more concerned in putting a safe vehicle on the road. An unsafe vehicle puts everyone’s families at risk as we are all sharing the road together. No reputable shop would issue a no look safety and it is against the law.

Some minor and major safety fails

vehicle safety fallsSo, the inspections are usually very general. Small items such as light bulbs can cause a vehicle to fail an inspection. Friction materials such as brakes wear down and can be a routine item of concern when it comes to safety inspections. Some of the more major failures include leaky fuel lines, brake lines. Some of the even more serious failed vehicles have a vehicle with a broken or cracked frame. Some frames are exposed to corrosion factors in Canada and require total replacement which is a costly expense.

What if my car passes the inspection?

car passes inspectionIf your vehicle passes safety, you are presented with a safety certificate. This can be presented to service Ontario location, ride sharing programs, or insurance companies. The certificate is only valid for 36 days from the inspection and can be only used for that specific vehicle. This document verifies that the vehicle complies with the Highway traffic Act and regulations. You will receive two copies of this certificate. One for your own records and one for the required authority requiring the document. If you receive a pass congratulations, you are making the roads a safer place. 

The future of the MTO safety inspection

MTO safety inspection

With all things now days being digital the MTO program is due for a major overhaul. The rumours of the program being more like the drive clean system of previous years of having to upload pictures and verifying information has been in recent discussions. The ability to have a system that could also be turned into a yearly program where vehicles are held to a high standard and unsafe cars could be taken off the road when failing inspections is also possible. 

Whatever system is incorporated the main goal is to have safe vehicles in operation. The general public must also realize that there is a price to keep vehicles in proper working condition. Regular maintenance checks could avoid big long-term costs. At Level Auto a vehicle is checked thoroughly, measurement is recorded and provided to the customer. Licensed trained technicians provide experience and reliability in every safety certificate issued. A safety inspection usually take an hour to perform. Level Auto is service and quality from a local garage that you can depend on. 


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