Oil or rubberized rust proofing?

There has always been a debate on which rust proofing to go with. Being a technician of over 25 years experience I tend to lean to one more than the other. First, the most relative topic to most is cost. A customer must look at initial cost and then long term cost. Also if the relative application does more harm than good. Environmental aspects also play a big part as washed products affect the ecosystem. Being a safe, clean and beneficial product is key to being the best rust proofing.

Rubberized rust proofing

If you purchase a new vehicle we would definitely recommend you to rust proof your vehicle using a rubberized process. The rubberized coating adheres to the surface perfectly and the chance of it being washed away is very unlikely. It creates a bond that is dry to the touch. If you are the kind of person who likes working on your car then you would appreciate walking away not covered in oil rustproofing. The dense rubber creates an additional level of soundproofing which is said to reduce road noises and provide a quieter ride.

We have observed cars that have been rust proofed as far as eight years ago still providing rust free protection. With only one application the rubber tends to last with no repeat applications saving you money. Oil rust proofing requires an application every year. Single application and a product that is a no drip or wash away product provides an increased benefit to the environment. If you paid for a product that washes away then its money down the drain. This is why we strongly recommend a rubber rust proofing over all others on the market.

Oil rustproofing

This is one of the Automotive shops’ worst nightmares. An oil based product tends to drip and wash away when exposed to the elements. It makes absolutely no sense to use a product that is supposed to protect against the elements and then having the majority of the products wash away. It also not only creates a mess on your driveway but also leads to rubber door seals swelling due to exposure to the oil. Instead of protecting your vehicle it starts eating away at the rubber items on the vehicle. Seals and rubber items that swell and need replacing can cost thousands to replace.

Oil rustproofing can also be flammable, we have seen this first hand on multiple vehicles in the shop when working on oil proofed underbodies. Extra care when working with a torch or welder must be taken. If exposed to a fire in an accident the oil rust proofing could be an accelerant to spread the fire. Environmental consideration has to be taken when using a product that does not have good adhesion properties like paint. It washes off and ends up in the water system adding unnecessary pollution into surrounding lakes and rivers.

If you are a care enthusiast and love working on your vehicle this might not be a coating you would want. Just a mere touch of the rustproofing and it ends up all over your hands and clothes. In conclusion the oil product is not recommended and in most cases causes more harm than good.

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