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Written By: Mark D.

Written By: Mark D.

Master Licensed Technician with Over 25 Years of Experience

As the roads start to thaw out over the winter months the city is fast away at the pothole repairs of spring 2022. What causes these car crippling holes? When the temperatures hover around zero degrees celsius it creates a breeding ground for these craters. As the temperature rises and decreases so quickly cracks are formed in the road surface. During the day of positive single and double digit weather the snow and ice around seeps into cracks in the road and collects under the asphalt road. The night freezing temperatures pushes the road up and creates the notorious pot holes we all hate so much.

In 2021 the city of Toronto repaired 95,000 potholes. It cost the city $4.7 million dollars to fix potholes on the road and in bike lanes. Until the city can get to all the potholes to repair they still pose a serious hazard to your vehicle.

What can hitting a pothole do to your car?

The damage from hitting a pothole can literally bend parts in your car. The sudden impact to your tire can explode on contact. The tire and rim are the first point of impacts. Rims with lower profile tires are especially vulnerable to potholes when it comes to damage. The rim can bend or crack when impacted by these deep holes in the road. The suspension components can bend causing major part replacement. Hitting a curb can cause damage to your vehicle. Hitting a pothole is no different. A good thing about most suspensions nowadays is that the suspension can adjust to accommodate pothole hits within reason. The suspension has been designed to be able make adjustments for slight bends in the suspension due to potholes and other variations in the road.

What can be done to battle the pothole pandemic?

Paying attention to the road ahead and being a defensive driver can limit your contact with major potholes on the road. If you take the same road every day you can input information into waze to alert you of hazards on the road. In the event that you do come into contact with a pothole and notice your steering wheel shaking or crooked it is a good idea to immediately get the vehicle inspected. A hit to the rim can cause damage throughout the vehicle. Getting the car inspected will give you peace of mind that nothing is damaged and unsafe.

People can report potholes by calling 311, emailing [email protected] or using the 311 app available online. The city says potholes will be repaired within four days of being reported, but repairs are prioritized on major roads first.


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