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Quick lube or a licensed garage?

Written By: Mark D.

Written By: Mark D.

Master Licensed Technician with Over 25 Years of Experience

We have all been there, wanting a quick service, very little time, and swinging into a quick lube and getting an oil change. Well that oil change might have cost you more than you think. A quick lube service station consists of newbies into the automotive trade. This is usually the first introduction into the automotive service workforce. A person that likes cars, and sees themselves looking to get their foot in the door in the automotive industry. A person will acquire a job at a quick lube to begin their training.

Changing oil is one of the most basic services and has become the most lucrative to most quick lube places. The idea is to get you in the door for an oil change at a premium price and then upsell the customer on a bunch of maintenance services. In most cases could be items that are not even needed. Proper training and years of experience is what it takes to be a good lube tech. Unfortunately most lube techs don’t last very long in the trade. With a minimum wage pay and tools to buy it makes it hard for a lube technician to survive in the real world. As lube techs gain experience they tend to move on to service garages and dealerships. Leaving new people to be employed and more unavoidable mistakes to happen.

We have seen stripped drain pans, loose plugs, overtightened plugs, etc. In most cases we are repairing when quick lube places are making mistakes. All lube places have no licensed mechanic as it is not necessary when operating a quick lube. Items such as brakes, suspension and safety items can not be performed at a quick lube. In most cases quick lubes tend to be more expensive than a local licensed garage when it comes to oil changes prices, you are paying a premium for an extra fast service. Not to mention a rushed service can also come with mistakes.

A licensed garage gives you that expertise that your vehicle deserves. A garage that can take care of all your mechanical needs. It could be anything from an oil change, to brakes, to engine replacement. Even your oil change is done by a licensed mechanic. Knowing that the technician working on your vehicle is fully qualified and has years of experience is a valuable piece of mind. When a technician is licensed they have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards and practices. Whereas a quick lube you are paying for a new learner to practice on your vehicle and learn as they go. A vehicle is your second biggest investment when it comes to most people after their house. Why not have every service performed by a licensed garage that way you know your vehicle is being taken care of with expertise and knowledge.

When you grow your relationship with your local garage and mechanic it has unlimited advantages, knowing that no service is limited and you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. A Licensed garage is a good choice to maintain, repair , and service your vehicle.


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