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Road force balancing is the best tire balancing available!

Hands down Road force balancing is the best tire balancing available when installing your new or used tires.

Compared to older balancers that traditionally just spin the tire and use weight placement. The Road force balancer uses high tech computers, sensors, and a 1200 ft/lb roller wheel, to give the driver of the vehicle noticeable results.

What is so special about Roadforce balancing?

We often get customers asking us why they should have their tires road force balanced? From the very initial setup the calibrated tire pressure nozzle hooks up to the tire valve delivering accurate digital tire pressure. The tire then computes the exact measurement of the rim and tire set up from a few inputs of the technician. The tire is then spun at a high speed of rotation computing first the weights that are needed to balance the rim and tire assembly. Then the 1200 ft/lb wheel of force is exerted against the tire to compute the forces that are being exerted outwards and inwards. The Roadforce measurement is indicated whether it is acceptable or not. The computer is so advanced that if there is a high road force it will indicate a location where to spin the tire on the rim and put it to a certain point where it will eliminate the vibration. This process is called force matching. Basically matching the low spot of the rim with the heavy spot of the rim, giving you a low road force as a result.

Our road force balancing is so cool that it literally will tell us exactly how the tires will perform on the road. Will it pull ? Will it vibrate due to a defective tire ? These are all questions of the past. The road force machine will tell the technician where to put every tire to achieve a higher level of tire installation. All tire manufacturers now need a road force printout in order to process any tire defect due to vibration or pulling. Knowing exactly how the car will handle and drive is key to establishing a very low customer return for possible issues.

The road force limit for most passenger cars in roughly 20 lbs, SUV 25 lbs, and trucks 30 -35. Depending on the size of the tire and how much sidewall you tend to feel less vibration.

The less sidewall like lower profile tires and high road force reading will give customers increased vibration in the steering.

Overall there are so many benefits to road force balancing your tires. When getting your new or used tires installed try road force balancing your tires and feel the difference for yourself.

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