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Seized alignment parts?

Written By: Mark D.

Written By: Mark D.

Master Licensed Technician with Over 25 Years of Experience

Living in an extreme climate condition corrodes vehicles. Most vehicles in Canada tend to be headed to the scrap yard due to body corrosion before the actual mechanical parts tend to fail. You can always prevent this and save the body by using known rust proofing methods. Alignment parts are a lot different. There are a few different ways in which the toxic salt affects your vehicle’s suspension. These suspension parts seize and fail as a method of adjustment. In most cases part replacement is necessary. These adjustments allow the technician to dial and tune your suspension to an OEM or custom specification. When cars are used in climates where the salt is not used the adjustments move gracefully. The reality of the effect of salt on suspension components is a concern. Regular movements by getting an alignment conducted will help aid in preventing components from seizing.

The two ways the suspension parts do not move is one the nut that tightens the bolt to hold tension is corroded and requires heat to free it up. In most situations this can be resolved with some heat and some tlc.

The other way is the control arm bolt seized in the bushine not allowing the bolt to use its eccentric adjustment. The bolt and bushing seize together and will not allow adjustment in either direction. Using heat is not a solution. The control arm and bolt could possibly need to be cut out and replaced. In some cases the fastener nut is so seized and the treads have been literally corroded away so badly that they are non-existent. It is important for customers to realize that when performing an alignment adjustments should move freely. Seized adjustment can lead to an alignment not being 100 percent. This can lead to tire wear, and driveability issues.

The control arm is basically rubber encased in a housing to allow the control arm to be connected into the suspension. Heat can not be used because it will melt the rubber bushing and render it useless. With applying a torch there could also be a risk to damaging fragile sensors, and wiring. Also could be a potential fire risk. When conducting an alignment the technician will advise you if there are any seized bots or control arms. The Alignment should always be conducted if the customer chooses to drive the car and come back to fix the seized parts at a later date. This way the car wheels that are not seized are aligned. This will also give the technician the opportunity to check for other seized parts and can get a better idea of the suspension maintenance needed in the future. If the suspension parts require replacement due to seized parts this is considered normal maintenance. In order to keep the suspension tuned the parts must all work correctly.

Seized coilovers are always a concern for car enthusiasts who spend thousands to be able to control their adjustable ride height. Most people install coil over thinking there is no maintenance needed. In reality the entire coil is a maintenance item because of its nature prone to leaks and corrosion. The threads on a coil over also require maintenance before winter and in the springtime. A good tip is to keep them regularly inspected and the threads clean, if you’re driving them in the winter distribute some bearing grease on the threads. In the spring use a wire brush and clean the treads clean of the grease. You want to be able to remove any salt that trapped itself in the grease over the winter months, Use a cleaner and rinse it off and keep the threads clean and adjustment will be a breeze. Most consumers who have a non adjustable strut have less maintenance needs.

Overall there is constant maintenance required to the suspension to deliver a quality and comfortable ride.


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