Vehicle Rust Proofing

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Vehicle Rust Proofing in Scarborough, Ontario

We Use Top-Grade Rubberized Undercoating Products

Scarborough, Ontario customers trust Level Auto with all their automotive needs. We excel when it comes to routine maintenance and repair and niche services, such as vehicle rustproofing. Our rustproofing service uses rubberized undercoating that protects a vehicle’s exposed metal from the elements. Rubberized undercoating acts as a protective barrier and is designed to seal out grime, grit, and moisture, all of which can corrode your vehicle. Its application is quick and seamless. More importantly, it’s a permanent fix—many vehicles only require one application for their entire lifetime! Other auto shops may use oil rust proofing, but we find rubberized undercoating to be far more effective. Oil rust proofing is prone to dripping during the application process, can wash off in the rain or snow, and requires reapplication every year. To learn more about our vehicle rustproofing service and application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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