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While your car may look like it just rolled off the showroom floor, it can eventually suffer from rust if left unprotected. While many folks might think of rust as just a cosmetic eyesore, it can actually impact your car’s lifespan and even its drivability.

The licensed technicians at Level Auto in Scarborough, Ontario, are here to explain the five benefits of vehicle rust proofing and how it can preserve your car for years to come.

Reduced Repair Costs

If your car has a deep dent that has damaged the paint sealant, it can drastically increase your vehicle’s vulnerability to rust. Once rust forms, it can quickly become more than an ugly nuisance. Rust can corrode your car’s inner systems, reducing your safety on the road. With car rust proofing services, you can protect your car and lower your automotive repair costs. Rust-free cars have fewer maintenance issues than those exposed to rust and corrosion.

Greater Resale Values

Are you planning on selling or trading your car in? If so, you’ll want to rust proof it. This service can preserve your car’s beauty and make it more appealing to potential buyers. To get more money for your car when it comes time to sell, get it rust proofed.

Increased Safety

As we said before, rust can eat away at essential safety systems. Driving a faulty car can boost your risk of an accident when you’re behind the wheel. Auto rust proofing will protect your vehicle’s structural integrity and electronic systems. This will keep you and your loved ones safe when you’re out and about.

Reduce the Risk of More Rusting

Many of our customers ask us if they can rust proof their cars if it already has a rust stain. The answer is yes! Before we rust proof your car, we’ll closely inspect it to ensure we’re using the best treatment options for the severity of the rusting. We always recommend bringing your vehicle in sooner rather than later to prevent further damage.


Did you know that rust-free cars are more environmentally friendly? That’s right! Rust-free vehicles and their metal parts can be recycled, vastly reducing waste.

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