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When Should I do an Alignment?

The question we get all the time from customers is “Should I do an alignment?”. Think about it this way, alignment is constantly changing. Even when the car leaves the factory the suspension is settling and most manufacturers recommend checking the alignment. Making sure all the angles of the wheels are correct. Alignment checks are recommended depending on the road conditions anywhere from 12,000km to 20,000km. If you’re driving in downtown Toronto you know the roads are terrible, potholes and road hazards can affect your alignment drastically.

Tires are one of the more expensive maintenance items on your vehicle. Unnecessary wear from a bad alignment can reduce tire life and cost you money. An alignment is an affordable service that can extend a tire’s feel and thread life. When the wheels are touching the ground at the proper angle it creates a perfect bond between the tire and the road. Giving you a tire that feels smooth and gives a controlled ride experience.

Fuel savings can also be a benefit from having an alignment checked and completed if necessary. A tire that is fighting the road can consume more fuel. Reducing your mileage and giving you less kilometers per liter. Overtime that consumption can add up

Control and stability of the vehicle can also be compromised and can cause the vehicle also to be unsafe. Having your alignment out of spec can affect the handling of the vehicle. It Can cause the vehicle to feel unsafe especially at higher speeds. In some cases a bad alignment can lead to an accident. Having the wheels properly aligned will provide you a safe and reactive steering and ride quality. If the wheels are all pointing in different directions the car becomes more unpredictable and dangerous.

Overall doing an alignment and regularly checking for suspension issues will keep your vehicle handling like new . Keeping more money in your pocket and at the same time keeping everyone in the vehicle safe. A well maintained car also holds high resale value. So what are you waiting for? Get your vehicle’s alignment checked today!

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