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Level Auto is your complete auto repair shop in Scarborough, ON and Toronto, ON. We sell and install tires, we perform MTO safety inspections, wheel alignments, road force wheel balance and general repairs and service
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Why Choose Level Auto for all your car repairs and maintenance?

Written By: Mark D.

Written By: Mark D.

Master Licensed Technician with Over 25 Years of Experience

Level Auto has been serving the community for over 17 years and continues to grow. Located in the east end of Toronto in the cliffside neighborhood in Scarborough. Offering every mechanical and body repair service available for your vehicle. No job too small or too big. Operating out of a six bay repair facility at 2212 Kingston Rd. The shop is equipped with all the latest technology and tools needed for the modern automotive repair industry. Licensed and fully trained dealer trained master mechanics working on your vehicle. New to the area ? Need even a small service of a tire repair or oil change ? Level Auto can timely handle the job and provide you with an unbeatable service.

It has a spacious clean waiting area, TV to watch while you wait, and a beautiful 200 gallon saltwater fish tank creates a refreshing waiting area. Fully lighted and surveillance front and rear parking lot ensuring a safe drop off and pick up experience. If you need to drop off your keys on the weekend or weeknights a key drop off lock box is available at the front of the building.

The 3D wheel alignment machine is a state of the art platform used to perfectly tune your vehicle’s suspension. The hydraulic hoist that raises your vehicle uses a perfectly balanced computer controlled system that gives the perfect level when Aligning the vehicle. Coupled with a 3D capture system and up to date current year software makes an ideal place to align even brand new vehicles. The machine can accommodate lowered vehicles, raised vehicles, suv’s, and light duty trucks. Extended ramps on the hoist allow for vehicle as low as an inch of the ground.

Level Auto invests into technology. From having a fully automated robot changing tire and diagnostic tire balancers they set the standard in the tire industry. The tires are installed and balanced better than any shop in the business. Using technology as bead massage when installing all tires, it ensures the tires are seated perfectly with the rim ensuring no vibration. The Road force machine applies 1500lbs of road force to the tire giving the shop a perfect idea on how the tire will drive down the road before even installing it to your vehicle. Which prevents unnecessary comebacks and time wasted for the customer in vibration and pulling issues. The machine is 100 percent rim and tire damage free, and by taking out any human error due to overworked or tired technicians, it gives the customer a piece of mind that their car is in good hands.

When it comes to getting your exhaust fixed this is a perfect location to do so. They offer a free inspection to evaluate the condition of your exhaust system. A leak can be fixed by just replacing that section of the exhaust and avoiding costly repairs. Most dealers would replace an entire section of an exhaust because it is only sold that way. At Level Auto you can have a small leak repaired without the high costs of full parts replacement. Even if the car needs to have new pipes bent to fit, they can bend their own pipes and weld it for a leak free fix. A free estimate is only a drive away. Save time and money and get it done right by the professionals.

Even if you just purchased a new car or are thinking of purchasing something new. Bring your new vehicle in for an inspection. They can give your car a complete look over. Giving you a piece of mind that your new purchase is sound. Today’s safety standards are some of the most stringent that Toronto has seen since the introduction of car safety standards. Level Auto is licensed by the Ministry of Ontario. If you are looking for a Safety inspection certificate for your vehicle they can usually take care of the inspection in a timely manner and usually the same day. Buying a car with a piece of mind has never been so easy. All vehicles go through rigorous testing and inspection. Their highly trained licensed technicians have over decades of experience. Rest assured your safety is in good hands.

With the look and feel of a dealership, without the high cost of dealerships. The majority of our technicians are all dealer trained. The most senior mechanics techs have received years of dealer training. With the knowledge to work on a wide range of manufactures we can service every one of your vehicles. The right tools and the know how sets level auto apart from the competition. Level auto continues to invest in technology and constantly upgrading tools and software to keep up with the high technology market of today’s cars.

With a complete line of services you will not need to go anywhere else for your vehicle service. The vehicle can in most cases be completed the same day. The scheduling and book appointment service online is monitored and responded to 7 days a week. Scheduling appointments has never been so easy, also if the situation arises that you need us you can reach us at the push of a button. They will also respond to you after hours and on weekends. Commitment you can depend on. Competitive shop rate and quality service are Level Auto’s keys to success. Visit this hidden gem and discover a new level of car service.


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Your complete car repair shop, servicing all makes and models in Scarborough and Toronto, ON. Licensed, dealer trained technicians with the latest equipment. If you need a quote, just give us a call at (647) 436-5940 or book an appointment online now!

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