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Why perform a wheel alignment? And more FAQs

Written By: Mark D.

Written By: Mark D.

Master Licensed Technician with Over 25 Years of Experience

wheel alignment

Doing a wheel alignment will improve stability and handling, and also save you money is the long run. When traveling over roads the vehicle is subjected to dips and holes that can throw off the vehicle’s alignment. The alignment consists of your vehicle’s angles of the tires, and how they meet the road. There are limited adjustments that allow a technician to make adjustments to accommodate for little bends. Performing an alignment leads to better handling, improved fuel economy and proper tire wear.

How often is a wheel alignment required?

Check your alignment

A wheel alignment is a maintenance item and should be done every 15,000 – 20,00 km under normal driving. More frequent when living in cities where potholes are more present. Checking your alignment at least once a year is usually good practice. Your alignment shop may charge a reduced rate to just check it.

When is a good time to perform an alignment?

The best time to do an Alignment is when replacing tires or when replacing suspension components. Replacing components can throw off the wheel alignment of your vehicle. Leading to premature wear of your tires. Also checking your alignment once a year is a good common practice

What is the cost of a wheel alignment?

Typically, a wheel alignment can cost anywhere from a $100 to $400. Cost efficient cars such as Honda’s, Toyota’s Mazda’s, etc are usually on the lower end of the cost. Whereas more luxury, exotic cars, sports cars, and premium vehicles can cost more. 

Why do a wheel alignment at Level Auto?

Custom specs alignmentsUsing highly trained licensed technicians to road test, diagnose, and align your vehicle. With up-to-date current year software, no vehicle is turned away. Custom specs alignments also performed here. The shop boasts the ability to align all lowered vehicles as well. 

What is a 3D Imaging Wheel Alignment?

3D imaging wheel alignment

3D wheel alignment is the latest in car wheel alignment technology. The 3D alignment system has high capture imaging cameras that basically map the car out at a extremely fast rate of captured pictures. It then provides more precise measurements and gives the technician better accuracy. It also gives precise up to date data, so the adjustments made are instant feedback delivering a perfect alignment. 

Does my alignment go out of spec when I raise and lower my air suspension?

strain on the air compressor

Every time you raise and drop your vehicle your alignment will change. When aligning a vehicle, the alignment is usually done at the ride height the vehicle will be driven at.  

Changing the air strut will usually require a wheel alignment and possible programming. Because the Air suspension controls ride height, a leak air suspension will lower the vehicles height and put more strain on the air compressor that is responsible for filling the system.

Does my Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) have to be reset after an alignment?

Steering angle sensor

On most modern cars the manufacture suggests a reset of the Steering angle sensor if an alignment is performed. This is a good practice to ensure that the computer is accurately communicating with the steering angle sensor. If this is not done on some vehicles the traction control light SAS light could be illuminated showing a fault.

Can I do just a front wheel alignment?

four-wheel adjustable suspension

If your vehicle is equipped with four-wheel adjustable suspension it is recommended to do a four-wheel alignment. A true measurement of a vehicle’s suspension starts from the rear forward. This is why you should always adjust all four wheels in order to have a true aligned vehicle.

Can I still do an alignment if I have loose parts in the front suspension?

front suspension

No, any lose parts should be replaced. It is not a good idea to align a vehicle with lose components. If an alignment is set in a certain specification it will likely not stay if the front suspension has worn components. Do not waste your money, replace the necessary suspension components and then perform an alignment. A suspension in good condition will give you quality handling and stability. Also will prolong tire life. 

What if I change my tires over to a different size, will it affect alignment?

No, your alignment is done based on the hub angle, the attachments for the wheel alignment that are installed to the wheel measure the hub angle not the tire itself. Changing over seasonal tires should not make any change in the specification. It is important to maintain the tire size that the vehicle requires. Tire sizes for each vehicle can usually be found on the inner door pillar of the drive front door.


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